Literary Scout for Film

An amazingly high percentage of all filmed material for cinema, series and TV is based on literature. 

With around 85,000 new book releases every year in Germany alone, it is very time-consuming to obtain a comprehensive overview. A literature scout who is well networked in the book branch saves time and creates the opportunity to be a deciding step ahead of other interested parties.

Simply being sure: having an eye on all the relevant new publications, not missing any promising debut, discovering trends early on and getting books that are still being traded as insider tips suggested at the right time.


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Continuous review of new and relevant older publications


Early detection of potential bestsellers and developing trends


Detailed monthly reports


Theatrical evaluation of publications’ filmability


Targeted research on your selected topics and genres


Review of circulation and sales figures


Clarification of relevant legal rights


Interaction with publishers, literary agents and authors


I am Melanie Schaum-Durmaz.

In over 28 years of professional experience in the book branch I have built up a strong partner network and reliable insider knowledge, which I now use profitably for my clients.

As a passionate reader and enthusiastic film fan, my heart beats for good stories, which is why being a literary scout is the perfect challenge for me.


“Melanie Schaum-Durmaz knows the book market very well and has a good feeling for which materials suit us. Her recommendations give us the overview we need. Her commitment goes far beyond our expectations.” 

Melanie Schaum-Durmaz combines years of experience in the book branch with a keen sense for the needs of film narration. She supports us in our search for interesting and relevant material – we are always up to date on trends and developments in the book market. Her extensive network is enormously helpful and we feel excellently represented among contacts at publishing houses and agencies.”

“Melanie Schaum-Durmaz is our eyes, mind and soul in the literary world. Thanks to her professionalism and intuition, we get the most interesting and potentially commercially successful stories. We want to thank her for her understanding, support and the fruitful work.”

“An industry expert with experience, flair and resourcefulness. Even on an international level, we received excellent support from Melanie Schaum-Durmaz. We thank her for a smooth and goal-oriented cooperation.”

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